Tasty Smoothie Lactation Supplements for Nursing Moms

We are glad you are here to let Boo.b help you with your breastfeeding journey.

Fenugreek Free!

It’s uncertain whether fenugreek can increase milk supply in breastfeeding women; studies have had mixed results.


Blend with 8 oz of the milk of your choice and a half banana, blend until smooth and enjoy! Add oats for increased thickness.


Store unopened mix in a cool, dry place. Once prepared, drink smoothie right away.

Galactagogues & Flax Seeds

Contains galactagogues like brewer’s yeast, and flax seeds

Real People Who Have Seen a Real Difference In Their Milk Supply

These Boo.b mamas love our product and wanted to share it with you! They have seen a real difference in their milk supply when they use it on a regular basis! We are excited to have you try us out too! 

Great Flavor and Very Smooth!

Banana, LOVE it! Such a good flavor and so smooth! I so enjoyed it and I will definitely purchase again! Cookies and Cream was Really Good Too!!

Amanda Lusk

Boosted My Supply!

These were fantastic at boosting my supply for my very hungry boy. Also got lots when pumping. I was honestly so surprised. They made all the difference when I hit low supply.

Caz Harstshorn

It Pairs Great with Oatmeal!

I got the samples yesterday, thank you SO much! I tried one flavor yesterday and one today. Both were so good and such a nice addition to oatmeal!

Christine Council-Dibitetto

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