Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What flavour will give me the biggest boost in my milk supply
A. Our chocolate flavour smoothie has the most active milk boosting ingredients. All the flavours have a different quantity of the active milk boosting ingredient but they all work brilliantly to promote breast milk production.

Q. Will the lactation blends boost my milks supply?
A. A large majority of our customers feed back to us that they do see a improvement in their supply with the lactation blends. Please check out the reviews section on the site. Most of our customers hear about us from a friend who loves the lactation blends. THE LACTATION BLENDS ARE NOT A MIRACLE PRODUCT and so not work the same way for every breastfeeding mother! Factors such as past medical history, babies latch and positioning can play a part in affecting milk supply.

Q. How long do the smoothies last?
A. The smoothies last 6 months. Most mums buy their smoothies before giving birth and start drinking them soon after birth.

Q. How do the smoothies work?
A. The smoothies are made with foods knows as Galactagogues. Theses are foods know to enhance lactation in breastfeeding women. They do so by increasing the level of prolactin in our bloodstream.

Q. How many lactation smoothies should I drink a day? 
A. For best results drink 1 smoothie a day and increase to 2 smoothies if necessary. Do not exceed recommended dose, this could lead to excess wind in young babies

Q. I am pregnant, can I drink the smoothies?
A. No. The smoothies can be enjoyed right after birth so be patient mama. It will be worth the wait.

Q. How do I make the smoothies?
A. Add one sachet to one cup milk and half a banana. If you do not like bananas you can simply replace the banana with a tablespoon of oats.

Q. Who can NOT drink the smoothies ?

  • those with diabetes
  • those with a yeast allergy
  • those with frequent yeast infections
  • those with a weekend immune system
  • if you are taking the following medication: meperidine, monoamine, oxidase, inhibitors.

Q. Can my partner and children drink the smoothies too.
A. Yes. The smoothies are 100% natural and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Q. Do any of the smoothies contain dairy?
A. NO!! all of our lactation smoothies are diary free and VEGAN.

Q. When is the best time of day to drink the smoothies?
A. Most mothers drink the smoothies at breakfast time or as a mid afternoon  snack. It is entirely up to you when you when you drink the smoothies.

Q. What can I do if I have smoothies sachets left over after I finish my breastfeeding journey?
A. You can pass the smoothie sachets on to a friend.

Q. What days of the week do you ship your products?
A. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Q. Do you have a refund/ exchange policy?
A. Due to food hygiene standards we cannot accept food to be returned back if you do not like the taste of the product. If we make a mistake with your order we will send you out a new one. Once your order has been shipped we cannot take responsibility for what happens within the postal system. As long as we can provide you proof of postage we are not obligated to do a refund for you for missing packages.

Q. How long does ship to the USA take?
A. Approximately 1 week.

Q. How much does shipping to the USA cost?
A. Shipping is done by weight so it depends how many items you have in your cart.

Q. Can I make anything else with the sachets if I don’t want to make a smoothie?
A. Yes absolutely!! The sachets can be used in so many different ways.

1. So many mothers love to use the sachet blends as porridge toppers. Just pour half a sachet over your hot porridge and stire it in.

2. You can make lactation cookies with your sachet  blends. Simply pour any one of the flavours into your cookie mixture before baking the cookies in the oven.

3. You can also add a sachet to your pancake mixture and have yourself a delicious lactation pancake. The options are endless.

Q. Can your packaging be recycled?

A. Yes all our packaging can be recycled.

The information and products available on this page and website are not intended as a suitable for the advise or medical care of a qualified health care professional. You should seek advise from your healthy care professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. ​

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