Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship outside the UK and how much does it cost? 
A. Yes we ship worldwide.

For 1 Box of smoothies the prices are listed below.
Europe – £4.05
America ,  Africa  and Asia – £5.10
Australia – £5.55

For 2 boxes of smoothies the prices are listed below
Europe – £5.60
America, Africa and Asia – £7.80
Australia – £8.55

Prices are given in pounds as this is a UK company. PLEASE CONVERT the price into your own countries currency to know exactly how much it will cost you.

Q. How long do the smoothies last?
A. The smoothies last 6 months. Most mums buy their smoothies before giving birth and start drinking them soon after birth.

Q. How do the smoothies work?
A. The smoothies are made with foods knows as Galactagogues. Theses are foods know to enhance lactation in breastfeeding women. They do so by increasing the level of prolactin in our bloodstream.

Q. How many lactation smoothies should I drink a day? 
A. For best results drink 1 smoothie a day and increase to 2 smoothies if necessary. Do not exceed recommended dose, this could lead to excess wind in young babies

Q. I am pregnant, can I drink the smoothies?
A. No. The smoothies can be enjoyed right after birth so be patient mama. It will be worth the wait.

Q. Can the smoothies be drunk in replacement of my post natal vitamins?
A. No. Please continue taking your vitamins whilst you enjoy your smoothies along side them.

Q. Who can NOT drink the smoothies ?

  • those with diabetes
  • those with a yeast allergy
  • those with frequent yeast infections
  • those with a weekend immune system
  • if you are taking the following medication: meperidine, monoamine, oxidase, inhibitors.

Q. Can my partner and children drink the smoothies too.
A. Yes. The smoothies are 100% natural and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Q. Do any of the smoothies contain dairy?
A. No.

The information and products available on this page and website are not intended as a suitable for the advise or medical care of a qualified health care professional. You should seek advise from your healthy care professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. ​

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